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Zhejiang Kai Shan Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd got the The certification of EU PED highest type H + H1 mode
Date:2017-01-06 12:57:30 Browse: 2277Bout

    Recently, Kai Shan Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd received a certificate of international famous certification body British Lloyd's Insurance Company, and the PED certification H+H1 mode applied by company has been approved after rigorous review, and Kai Shan can design and produce pressure vessels that are in accordance with PED code.

    PED is a mandatory regulation(Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC) published by the EU Member States with the aggrement in the law about the safety of pressure equipment. If Kai Shan's compressors want to enter the EU market, the pressure bearing parts oil tank and supporting gas tank should have CE mark of PED.

    In addition to meet the appropriate standards, all of the pressure equipments belong to PED category must compulsorily meet the basic safety requirements specified in the directive. If there are special provisions for pressure test coefficient, there could be special provisions such as third party site witness、approval for welding procedure qualification、welder qualification and non-destructive testing personnel recognise.

    PED divided pressure equipments into category I、II、III、IV by medium、pressure、volume, and category IV is the highest grade. The oil tank of Kai Shan's compressors are almost category II、III, part category IV, and gas tank are all category IV.

    To facilitate the certification of each organization, PED set a variety of authentication mode. Kai Shan Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd chose the highest grade mode H(Full Quality Assurance) and H1(Total quality assurance with specific approval for design approval and final evaluation) for the consideration of the variety and long-term of products. Mode H is suitible for category III and the following products, while the products of category IV must have mode H1 with approved desigh.

    The acquirement of PED certification of Kai Shan Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd created the conditions for the compressors to enter the EU market.