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Zhejiang Kai Shan Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd passed the third time replacement work of American ASME “U”&“UM” stamp successfully
Date:2017-02-15 10:30:48 Browse: 2433Bout

   May 19-20, 2016, after two days of review, Zhejiang Kai Shan Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd passed the replacement review of ASME pressure vessel “U”and“UM”stamp authorization certificate successfully, which finished the basic work for the globalization development strategy of Kai Shan Group.

   Our company produced 603 ASME stamp products altogether in last 3 years, which increased 4.82 times compared with the previous one replacement year, and this time the replacement joint inspection officer Mr.Niu Can is the first person of the Asian-Pacific region that got the audit qualification. He is known for strict rigor, so the replacement difficulty increases. The joint inspection team witnessed the whole process of the workshop displaying products, reviewed the relevant documents, assessed the ability of each person, and checked out ASME stamp products archive file of the past three years. Through the effort of all the staff of pressure vessel Co., Ltd, and every product and file being done seriously, we passed the replacement review successfully without any rectification item.