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The new president Duterte of the Philippines visited the biomass power generation project site which used the power generation technology and equipment of Kai Shan Share
Date:2017-02-15 14:48:20 Browse: 2268Bout

July 22, 2016 15:00 pm, the new president of the Philippines, Duterte, went to the biomass power generation project site in Buluan City in the south of the Philippines which used the power generation technology and equipment of Kai Shan Share and delivered a speech. President Duterte said that industrial electricity and residential electricity of the Philippines is extremely scarce all along, which restricts the local economic development greatly. If the Philippines wants to promot industrialization, electric power projects should be the firt. Now in the Philippines most power plants are based on coal power、oil electricity、hydropower、natural gas and geothermal unit, and there will be one day that the energy is exhausted. The Philippines should develop power generation project of renewable energy such as biomass energy、geothermal energy vigorously, so he attached importance to the Kai Shan project very much. In the speech President Duterte also expressed the desire to be friendly with China,and meanwhile he hoped China to help the Philippines develop its economy construction.

The biomass power station that lies in Buluan, Maguindanao, all used screw expansion power generation technology and complete sets of equipment supplied by Kai Shan Share. This power station is the first biomass power station of The Philippines, which mainly generate power by burning palm fruit residue and some crop straw after crushing. The Philippines is located in the tropics, and it is a big agricultural country. They didn't make good use of a large number of crop straw produced every year, that not only caused a lot of waste, but also polluted the environment. If the crop straw can be used, it will provide considerable electricity for the local people. The total installed capacity of this project designed to be 3330KW, and total net power generation to be 2769KW. Now the project construction is at the end, and it is expected that commissioning will be done in the near future