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The landmark of entering the European geothermal market---Kai Shan Share purchased 51% equity of Hungary Turawell geothermal company
Date:2017-02-18 10:41:02 Browse: 3132Bout

      Recently, in Budapest, Hungary, KS ORKA RENEWABLES PTE. LTD. owned by Zhejiang Kai Shan Compressor Co., Ltd. purchased 51% equity of Hungary TurawellBefektet?ésSzolgáltatóKorlátoltFelel?sségüTársaság(abbreviated as Turawell geothermal company). The Hungarian partner paid high attention, and at the cooperation groundbreaking ceremony held by the two companies, the foreign minister of Hungary attended the ceremony and delivered a speech, and the mayor of Tura City presided over the signing ceremony.

     Now the Turawell Befektet? és Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felel?sségü Társaság company has 3 geothermal wells with power generation capacity of 2.7MW, and has the necessary permission for developing geothermal power station. This company has exclusive development rights of the geothermal resources of its own. Potential geothermal resource is about 70MW, and at the first stage 30MW is planed to be developed. The project is located in Tura City, which is 30Km away from Budapest, and there are highway、railway, so the transportation is convenient. The population of Tura City is 8000, and the future development prospects is very good. This geothermal project is located at Tura suburbs, and the land is also owned by the project company.

       It is understood that the geothermal project concept of this area has been proposed 7-8 years ago, and it got the support of local people and government. The local government officials said that they will fully support and cooperate with all the people of the project. After KS ORKA Company purchased the equity of this company, both sides will cooperate with each other to develop projects.

       After the signing ceremony, the general manager of Kai Shan Share, Dr.Tang Yan discussed with the technical director of Turawell, Mannvit, about the related issues of geothermal energy development, and confirmed all the design conditions and cooperation division. The two sides agreed that the specific design of the equipment in the area will be finished by Zhejiang Kai Shan compressor Co., Ltd. as soon as possible;Site specific layout and design of hot water system will be finished by Mannvit;The factory workshops、foundation、power distribution within the workshop、fire control will be finished by local design institute;If all the equipment、pipelines、valves can be purchaesd in China, purchase them in China. This project will combine to the grid in February next year.

      According to introduction, This project is the first geothermal power station of Kai Shan Share in Europe, and in the future Kai Shan will futher expend the geothermal power generation market in Hungary、Serbia、Romania、Poland、Turkey and so on. The smooth progress of the project has important meaning for Kai Shan Share to develop geothermal of Europe, even global geothermal and upgrading to renewable energy equipment manufactureing and operating company.