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Kai Shan ORKA company attended Jakarta Geothermal Conference of Indonesia
Date:2017-02-20 12:43:06 Browse: 2616Bout

   In August 10th, the Indonesia government held geothermal conference in Jakarta. The minister of energy department, Mr.Archandra Tahar attended the conference, and visited the exhibition hall of Kai Shan ORKA company. The principal of Kai Shan ORKA, Mr.Eirikur, introduced the progress of Kai Shan ORKA's geothermal power generation project in Indonesia. Mr. Minister showed the company warm welcome about attending the conference, and he praised Kai Shan ORKA company for its rapid progress 、high efficiency of early development project, which is what Indonesia wants to see.

  The topic of this conference is how to accelerate the promotion of geothermal development application technology in Indonesia.