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THe skilled workers of Kai Shan Group participated in city skill contest and got excellent results
Date:2017-02-20 14:01:27 Browse: 2037Bout

   September 24-25, Kai Shan Group sent welders、electricians and so on to participate in Quzhou City vocational skills contest. The two welders, Zhengyuan and Zheng Hongjun, won the first and sixth respectively, and the electrician Zhu Yanqing won the second. They won the honor for the first-line skilled workers.

   With the transformation and upgrade of the group, there are higher technical requirements for skilled workers, and senior technicians are increasingly becoming a valuable resource for the group. The group also provided a good study and practice platform for the first-line skiled workers, which formed a good atmosphere of learning skill and comparing skill within the group.

   The group unions held a commendation meeting for the winning staff and awarded a bonus.